Cover Art for Smoochy and the Maga, A Familiar's Tale Novel by Lea Kinley

Smoochy and the Maga

A Familiar’s Tale

A Novel by Lea Kinley

Book blurb:

Okay, okay. I admit I was bored with the tedium of my centuries of work as a magical Familiar. But did I really deserve to be punished with an assignment on Earth of all places?

My employer, The Society for the Conservation of Wholeness, tasked me with locating a fellow Familiar that appeared to be working for a destructive wizard . . . which is a big no-no according to our employment contract.

While Earth is generally a non-magical, dull, and undesirable location, I never thought I’d have any trouble at all with the assignment . . . until I realized I knew far less about Earth than I needed to and my enemy, the destructive wizard, knew far more than I did.

The stakes were high for me for the first time in tens of thousands of years . . . had I finally met my match?

Smoochy and the Maga is a fun, fanciful, and charming middle-grade urban fantasy novel by introductory author, Lea Kinley. The perfect cozy fantasy for tweens, teens, and the young at heart. Recommended for grade four and up or ages 8 and up.

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About Me

I’m a Canadian author who resides in Alberta, Canada with my husband and cat. I enjoy graphic design, arts and crafts, hiking, VR gaming, and traveling.

Smoochy and the Maga is my first novel and I hope to write more in the series. If you’d like to connect with me, please contact me using the form below.

My author page on Amazon will be updated with all my latest publications.

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