My cat Smoochy with the proof copy of Smoochy and the Maga.

So I Wrote a Novel

Ok, so I’m not a typical writer. After a long career of doing various other things (I won’t bore you with the details), I was going through an odd time in my life and I found doing daily ten-minute writing assignments therapeutic.

Smoochy and the Maga was inspired by an idea I’d come up with while doing one of these daily writing assignments. I found I liked the idea. So, I decided to see if I could expand on it and then it became more and more pages until I had a complete story. In fact, quite a long complete story.

Smoochy and the Maga cover

It wouldn’t be fair to not mention that the novel was also inspired by my fabulous cat, Smoochy. You’ll have to read the novel to understand how Smoochy fits in.

As you can see, my ten-minute writing idea grew into so much more than I could have possibly expected! I had no actual idea where the story would go. It developed all on its own.

That said, I’m not sure the story is over. I’m wondering if I should write more and make it a series. Perhaps this story is not over just yet . . .

By the way, this book is a cozy fantasy for pre-teens, tweens, and teens for a reason. I find the world harsh enough (especially with the pandemic just ending) that I wanted the book to be fun, fanciful, and charming. I think it has enough action to be exciting too. My goal was to write an uplifting escapist story.

If you do pick up the book and read, it’d be great if you could leave a review. New authors and new books are more likely to attract the attention of algorithms if there are reviews from buyers. I’d also appreciate any and all feedback, as this is my first book. I’m sure there could be improvements in my next one.

Also, if you have any magic-loving friends or family that might enjoy the story, please point them to the book. Social media friends count too!

If you’d like to keep up with my writing adventures, you can join my mailing list (don’t worry, I will not spam anyone, in any way, as I find spammers to be a bane on our existence and the cause of far too much chaos).

If you sign up for my mailing list, I will send you updates on any books, novellas, or short stories I’m currently working on and will let you know when I release anything new. There might be some freebies announced too.

If you’d like me to write a second (and possibly third) Smoochy and the Maga book, you can let me know here on my website as well (comment or use the contact form). I’ve got some fun ideas brewing.

Thanks for reading!

To read a sample, click here.

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